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    New Account Problems

      I've been trying to set up a new account on PubIt for a couple of days now so I can upload my e-book, but the web site is not functioning properly. I've talked to numerous customer representatives and am just getting the runaround. Any advice on who else to contact or what I can do? Thanks!

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          I helped a friend create an account this afternoon and everything seemed to be functioning just fine.  Perhaps you are using an incompatible browser.  Try using Internet Explorer 9.  I know that when I use Chrome (my browser of choice) that the pubit site doesn't quite display correctly.  If it is still a problem then tell us where the problem is.  Is it right when you click the "create account" link, or is it happening after you enter all your personal information.  Provide us with a few more details and perhaps we can assist you more. 

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            You have to have a current browser to use the site. Firefox 8 and Internet Explorer 8 work fine. Explorer 9 can only be installed on Windows 7, not on VIsta or XP. We need to know at what point the account set up fails, it could be a simple reason.
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                I just figured out what the problem was, with absolutely NO thanks to Barnes and Noble. It turns out that my city is not in Barnes and Noble system so it wouldn't accept my address (but there was no message stating that was the issue). I went to my personal Barnes and Noble account, saw the city they used and copied the city into the PubIt address page for my account, and this worked.


                FYI...I'm running Windows 7 with Firefox 8 and IE 9. I appreciate your response, as the browser most certainly could have been the problem!