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    Is anyone getting sales today?

      I know all of December is wiped out but, I was getting sales and then they would disappear. Is anyone getting sales today?

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          I've had this problem since the first of the month.  I have had sales show up on two different days and then the next day they disappear.  Currently my sales show zero.  Some sort of strange computer glitch.  Hopefully they are working on it.

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            Yesterday they were showing up but not today.  And yeah, December is wiped out altogether on the monthly view.


            Haven't checked rankings yet but guess we'll all have to do that just to get a clue, hanh??

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              My account showed no sales on December 1, which I found very odd because I've had sales every day (without missing a day) for the past two months. Sales were initially recorded for Dec. 2, but those have disappeared.


              Incidentally, this problem may stretch back into November. On November 30, Pubit initially reported that I had several sales. The monthly report, however, only shows a fraction of the sales for that day — and no returns.


              Something is definitely wrong...

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                  Your mentioning of sales ending for November, being less than you originally saw posted, is exactly the concern I have expressed in several threads -- some of them going back several months ago. I actually took screen shots of mine that did not compare with the final tally however, I thought for a time that these dropped sales were forwarded to succeeding months but I was mistaken about that and I finally figured this out when I went through all of the months in-detail and ralized that this was not the case.


                  If they do forward any sales, the dates when they occurred, should be what is posted beside them. My feeling is (although I could certainly be wrong), that there have been times in which dropped sales were not reapplied. I do not believe this was done so that Pubit! could keep the entire retail sale, without doing the publisher split/commission. I rather believe it has simply been an inadequacy on the part of particular staff with the company, not completing the process and having too much of a work load, to go back through past sales and correct discrepancies. To be honest, I mention this because I worked for a publishing company for 16 years and in the last 3 years I was with them, as they experienced financial difficulty and under-staffing, this exact scenario was occurring (I mention this experience in other threads several months ago).


                  I saw first-hand, employees of the company I mention above, being severely repremanded and in some cases let-go, when they caused undue expenses or profit losses (even small ones) but if their mistakes resulted in gains for the company, even at the expense of commissions due to sales people, this was always overlooked. I'm not saying this is the case with Pubit! but I think even they should understand that we can't help but to speculate as to why this problem has been ongoing.


                  I feel they will again fix the problem but again... I still feel there have been times that some dropped sales never made it back to the sales reoports, as Manga has mentioned in the post above. I too, have felt that this occurred on particular months with mine as well.

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                  I haven't had a single sale show up yet for the month of December. Since I've sold 4,000 books so far on Amazon this month, I find it hard to believe I haven't sold a single one on B & N. The most frustrating part is that no matter how hard you try, you can never get a response back from support. Has anyone ever gotten a response via email?