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    Sales Reporting Update

      After a thorough review, we have updated the weekend's sales reporting and have confirmed that all data is correct in all accounts.  We identified the source of the problem and have taken steps to ensure it does not occur again.  Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention, and we apologize for the inconvenience that this weekend's sales data issues may have caused you.

      We appreciate your use of PubIt!

      The PubIt! Team

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            Pubit! Aministration,


            Certainly your posts are appreciated and I thank you on my behalf as well, although in my account, nothing changed. I received a reply to an email I sent to Pubit Business, over the weekend, with their saying they would check my account -- not just for weekend sales reporting probems but as far back as is possible for them to do a recheck of my sales.


            My concern is that they will consider the general fix for the weekend, as being an across-the-board correction and that I may not receive the reply I was told would come to me. I made sure to state in the email that I was needing a recheck of "my account specifically" for this very reason.


            If I may mention, without seeming to pick the forum update apart, the post states that the correction came as a result of publishers bringing the issue to your attention, which means that sales reporting can have problems within it and the accounting department will sometimes not be aware of it. I feel with absolute certainty that there have been sales reporting problems intermittently for many months and I feel the one in December involved more than just the past two weekends in which you made corrections.


            I'm afraid this will come across as my trying to tell you how to conduct your business (not intended) but I'm not sure if there is an alternative in expressing my concern. I would appeal to Pubit! Administration to please watch for these type problems more closely because as a publisher, I have to admit that the need for having to point it out to you frequently, is very stress-inducing. I have in-fact as a result, decided to watch the rest of December and the month of January, to see if we have relatively glitch-free periods, so that I can continue to keep my titles with Pubit!.


            Thanks for considering my input and I sincerely hope that the impressive increase in sales reported by Barnes & Noble, fueled largely by digital products, will soon reflect in our final sales reports.