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    Reading Preference Survey Launched For Us

      08-19-2011 I just launched a survey in one of my niche markets which I believe is a pretty typical "readers" market.

      The niche is CVBs/chambers of commerce/tourism offices. The members of this niche are educated, professional and actively seek more information on subjects they are interested in. They are also 87% female, 51% unmarried. They love reading.

      I thought this would give me a good snapshot of readers preferences.

      I just launched the survey at 8AM eastern time and have already 22 responses.

      mystery/thriller: 5
      science fiction/fantasy: 3
      erotica: 3
      travel: 2
      childrens: 2

      That's not a bad response for a little over 1 hour! The respondents get a free download of a PDF version of one of my seafood recipe books.

      Here's the Facebook/Twitter post I used to announce the survey: "please take a moment to answer a 1 QUESTION survey and get a free, no opt-in ebook full of delicious seafood recipes. http://t.co/T4DYco7N"

      I'll make sure to publish the results here for you all.

      Dennis Lively
      Here's a direct link to the survey: http://tourismlearningcenter.com/1-question-survey/#


      08-20-2011 Survey update:

      The 212 surveys completed as of 8AM this morning break down like this:

      mystery/thriller: 47
      science fiction/fantasy: 33
      advice how-to: 25
      erotica: 21
      childrens: 17
      travel: 13
      non-fiction: 11

      Just for everyone's information.

      Hope that helps someone, somewhere.
      Dennis Lively

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          This is really interesting. Of course, I'm glad the childrens's are doing better.

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              The survey has kicked into high gear and the results thus far are:

              science fiction/fantasy: 62
              advice how-to: 54
              erotica: 44
              childrens: 68
              travel: 39
              non-fiction: 70
              fiction: 71

              In hind sight, the categories of fiction and non-fiction are just too broad for this survey. Those categories have limited the results in my opinion .

              Still, 558 responses is a very statistically significant sample to draw conclusions from.

              I'll do one more day (Wednesday) and take the survey down.

              Man! 558 possible sales of one of my books! Ah, the cost of proper information!

              Hope this is helping someone, somewhere.

              Dennis Lively