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    Two and Half Dead Men - A New $0.99 Novel

      People die every day.

      But not all of the souls can or want to move onto the afterlife.

      That’s where the brothers Thane and Mort Grym come in.

      Thane and Mort are bounty hunters for dead souls. They inherited the job from their father and they’re two of the best in town.

      But when there’s a double homicide at the Kirkland Motel the Grym brothers end up with more than they bargained for. In a world without vampires, zombies or the undead, one of their bounties might not be as dead as he’s supposed to be.

      About the Author:
      Jason Krumbine is the author behind the pulse pounding, wisecracking Alex Cheradon Series, the high concept Christian fantasy "Heaven's Superhero", and the tongue-in-cheek paranormal romance "A Graveyard Romance." He can be reached at jasonkrumbine.com, or on twitter @jasonkrumbine.
      Available Now for Only $0.99!