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    Dear Barnes & Noble

      As an independent author, I've learned in the past two months that unlike Amazon, you all don't do a damned thing to help an indie sell his books. The keywords don't work, and a title can only be found if a customer types the exact name and author of the book. I guess you guys are trying to help out the Big Six more than you are us, but try to look at this from a long-term perspective.


      While I realize there are four times as many Kindles as there are Nooks, the sales figures would make one think that the ratio was far greater in favor for the Kindle. That's because not only do keywords work for indie authors on Amazon, but also because they have other ways for indie authors to be discovered, such as through tags.


      Get with it, guys, and start providing a little support.


      Thank you.


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          Read Kindle forums. Indies are having problems at Amazon.

          B&N has a problem with the change in how readers find books. It isn't good for us.

          I do hope this gets fixed soon. I noticed the search problem as soon as I went to look for the book after I uploaded.


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            I suspected something was up.  Yesterday, I was finally getting around to shelving some books and wasn't sure where to put some of them so I tried to look them up in B&N.  I couldn't find quite a few titles until I typed the author's name in the search box.  That was not cool.  I also noticed that several author's had pulled their books.  I don't know what's going on but I hope it gets fixed soon.    

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              The question is: Why do they allow the author to input keywords, when they have no intention of allowing a customer to search a title by using them?

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                Just to chime in a bit on lack of support...


                Heck, I've even tried to send a message to the Admins here that I've found. While they did give me a quick reply (I'll find someone to help), when they throw it over the fence, nobody seems to do anything. I've tried emailing directly to those who should be in charge (after extensive searching), calling them direclty and leaving voice mail, posting messages here, etc. Nobody's home when it comes to supporting authors and smaller publishers.


                Sometimes, I wish I saved my $ and got an iPad (that's hard to type) instead of the Nook Color. If I want to make interactive magazines for the iPad, Xoom, or Playbook, I can move full steam ahead with my Adobe CS5.5. If I want to do anything to push the envelope, I need support from BN, and it seems it just isn't there.


                Sad, because they are positioned with a great product. They could make a few right decisions and seriously take over. They seem uninterested.