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    Is the new "Streamlined" Book Browsing killing sales?

      There's another thread on this, but I wanted to address it directly.  This whole new system is pretty much of a slap in the fact to anyone not involved with a major publishing operation.  It looks like they stole the interface from Netflix, and it only lists a very small number of titles under any given genre...so what it REALLY does is allow them to display more best-sellers with less searching while making it that much more difficult to find any other books.  At this point the only way someone will find a book from a smaller publisher is if they specifically came to the site looking for exactly that author or book...and that is killing sales.  We went from 50-60 dollards a day to 11-20 and it has stayed that way, showing no signs of rebounding.


      My question is...will B&N care...will they fix it?  And do they ever even read these threads, because no matter how many times I've come here looking for answers, mostly it's all of us complaining...nothing from B&N and then eventually someone either figures it out, sees the problem mentioned somewhere, else, etc....why call it a support forum if we are only supporting ourselves?



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          That is the problem with the site for Pubits.

          I don't look at the sales tab. If I get an email for payment, then that's good.

          I had trouble finding my book when I first uploaded because the search terms didn't work and it wasn't on the kid nook Pubit pages.

          B&N makes money from ebooks. The company has been going through trauma. I do hope they get the site changed to what it was when people could find our books.

          I even started a blog and put my ebook for sale on it.

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            I have to agree. My sales on other websites are far more than on Pubit. And I have a number of titles out there...only one ever sells here and I know it is because what it is catagorized with. But as of late, even it has almost stopped selling here...where I was selling it daily before...It would be really sad if B&N were the only place to publish ones books...My best sellers on other websites...rarely ever sell here...That says something in itself. Things...books...titles are NOT VISIBLE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I think Pubit is a good idea...but one almost wonders at times if they really care. Sometimes Pubit is really nice and answer emails promptly and considerately. And a lot of the times they don't even bother. Of course one could say they are really busy, which I believe they are. However, THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING IS -- WHEN THEY ANSWER YOUR EMAIL WITHOUT HAVING READ IT!!!!!!!!!! AND SEND YOU BACK SOME FORM THAT DOESN'T REALLY RELATE TO WHAT YOU WROTE THEM!!!!!!!!! Which is most infuriating. Hopefully someone on staff  really cares about Pubit and Pubi't's authors. I believe in the beginning it was great...and it could still be great. But it seems to continually get more frustrating. I keep asking myself why I even bother trying to sell books here...It is because I keep hoping they will get it together...that they really do care...just haven't gotten it together yet. So, I will try and hang in here a little bit longer...You there, Pubit? We care...And we are really hoping that you do too. I have to believe someone does. It could be a really great and rewarding experience....but it hasn't happened yet.

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                I have absolutely no faith in Pubit anymore. Things started out rocky last year, when they had all those sales problems that it took months to sort out and credit. After that, things ran smoothly and my Pubit titles were selling equal to or better than the same titles on Kindle. Now, over the last couple of months, Pubit sales have gradually decreased, until today I haven't sold a single title in nearly a week, and I have about 40 titles up. Meanwhile, my Kindle sales have been steady or growing from month to month, for over two years now. I just can't see sales dropping off so sharply and abruptly on Nook. I'm willing to entertain the possibility that my books have just found all the readers they'll ever find and are done, but all the evidence points to the sales decline being due to something on Pubit's side.


                I see two possibilities with Pubit:


                1. They've somehow made it next to impossible for anyone to find you unless they're specifically searching for you.


                2. They're not accurately reporting sales, meaning that their accounting system has a major glitch, or they're skimming profits by deliberately not reporting sales. I would hope it's the former, and that soon they're going to begin posting unreported sales from months ago, just like they did at the end of last year (2010, just after the launch of Pubit).