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    Dangling lines and words

      How do you do it? We have pulled about 13 books off sale. They look horrible. We work endlessly to make this look god and nothing works. The Pubit team has no idea. Their suggestion was to save our text in rich text and save it back to word. That accomplished nothing. I can't believe we are the only ones who have our text breaking up with what we refer to as "dangling words." In the middle of a paragraph or page some lines are extremely short (as short as one word). Any suggestions would be of great help. Anybody want to see my work in good form, try Kindle at Amazon. Our email address is  comewinter@earthlink.net.  Barry and Myra Eysman

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          How do we delete the previous posting? We apologize for the tone of it. It was really just a confluence of unfortunate circumstances at the time. Some nice people are helping us, but we probably shouldn't have put our email address in it. TIt appears the pubit team was right with their suggestion. We just misinterpreted. Apologize for the bad impression. Barry