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    Nook Kids Read To Me e-Books

      I am trying to create children's books for the Nook Kids Read To Me format.  How do I do that with PubIt?  Is it even possible?  Is there another software that I need? 

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          Are these boards monitored by Barnes  & Noble support staff anymore?

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              I'm not sure if this board is moderated by B&N or not.  Doesn't look like it.


              I'm working on a children's book as well. As far as I can tell, the only way to get the double page layout, landscape or Read to me features is to use the SDK. (Software Development Kit).


              I'm a programmer, but I don't want to re-invent the wheel for my book using the SDK. Hopefully something will be offered through the PubIt platform to assist in the above.


              Until then it appears portrait with limited illustration formatting is the only thing available right now. If I am wrong PLEASE let me know what capabilities are available outside of the SDK.