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    A Final Thread of Thanks

      While the issues with the system were occurring (not to suggest some aren't still occurring), it was good to have this forum to check in on, to compare experiences. Certainly another purpose of it is for publishers to also discuss things such as formatting issues for ebooks, creating covers, etc... One reason for the silence here by administration, may very well be, so that publishers begin to use the forum for the latter, rather than the former reason I just described (publishing issues vs. system issues). They would likely prefer that actual issues in our accounts or with the publishing platform, be addressed via emails to Pubit!. That would be one logical reason for their silence here, apart from announcing system updates and promotions.


      This is just one publisher's opinion but I personally feel there has been a bit too much silence (a little explanation can head-off wrong perceptions) but if it was company-directed, it's understandable that admin-staff would abide by it. I also believe delayed or unanswered emails are another reason publishers have resorted to the forum and more answered emails would result in less complaints that are indexed online. There may be logical reasons for the lack of email response from Pubit! as well but varied perceptions for this have been expressed by publishers as well. 


      I stated an apology in a recent thread because I was incorrect regarding a payment I thought had not been applied to my bank from Pubit!. At the same time, the payment was posted late in my payment ID section -- not until a new month's payment was due and I didn't receive a payday email in advance of that payment nor did I receive one in advance of the latest payment issued (the June 2011 one).This is not a major issue and because I will be watching my bank account, rather than for the email notification, it won't matter if I receive future payday emails or not.


      I was also wrong regarding certain month's payments being added after sales tracking was updated and unit sales were added after the months in question. While I was incorrect, there were updates to some of my months, for sales that fell behind, being added to them at different points. I still have two emails in my saved items stating to the effect that they were updating sales at certain points, due to tracking not applying some sales to publisher's sales tabs. I also saw when some months were updated because several days during months that showed no sales on them, would show-up units sold at a later date.


      To sum it up, I believe the Pubit! team has worked very hard to improve the system and to correct issues, including those regarding sales tracking. It also reveals their honesty in applying the sales that were behind on tracking. Once they reassured publishers both by email and by posts here at the forum, they likely felt repeats of the same message were unnecessary and placed an added strain on their time, that is better served maintaining and improving the system.


      Before I end this final post, I want to add a little understanding from the publisher's standpoint. We've posted here, passionately at times and I have shared in some posts regarding past negative experiences I've had with e-commerce businesses, including online publishing. I was careful to make sure it didn't appear I was comparing Pubit! to any of those because I still believe positively about this publishing platform and I still have hopes of seeing it have ongoing and growing success. My point in sharing those experiences however, was to offer reason for our passion in protecting our written works. I personally have worked on my books since 2004 -- first by starting collections of articles that I first published on a personal website. I have literally placed 1,000s of hours into them and I oversee what happens to them, with great care, similar I'm sure to how Pubit!/Barnes & Noble protects their reputation as the world's premier bookseller.


      In-summation: I appreciate all publisher's input here and I appreciate Pubit!'s efforts in making this platform a success. We continue to hope for the best as we move forward. This is certainly what I will do, as long as Pubit! allows me and if I experience future issues, I will correspond with them directly because I don't feel that repeating issues on the forum will be productive, although for publishing issues, it is a great asset.


      Thanks Again, Everyone,


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          I think B&N is saving money on staff by letting users answer most questions.  Google does the same.  B&N certainly is non-repsonsive and difficult to get ahold of.  Takes weeks to answer emails.  Getting through by telephone is a trial, etc.  My biggest complaint if the dysfunction keyword search.  Would be nice if their ONE employ responsible for Nook read these posts and/or had a column to keep authors and publishers apprised of their thinking, strategy, priorities, etc.  But that takes money and foresight.  I have a relative who sells Nooks for B&N.  She is an ardent proponent of the Nook and the only reason my books are now ebooks.  Even she is frustrated by the lack of support and information available from B&N.  Beware B&N, you may look a lot like Borders unless you improve your support.


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