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    PubIt CS - Lack of responses

      In the past month or month and a half I've emailed Pubit about three different issues and not received a reply to any of them. The first two are now irrelevant but the third is one I need resolved but I have no idea how to get help.


      In short, I need one of the reviews on one of my titles pulled for use of the word "suck" in the title. Normally I wouldn't much care but seeing as how this title is frequently viewed by kids, and in my house we weren't allowed to say the word suck, I feel it needs to be removed. The moron who wrote it actually wrote "sukc" .. whether that was to avoid a filter or what I have no idea. I'm doing my part for B&N and wish B&N would make some necessary changes to help their customer service staff do their jobs better too (because as I hear it they're short staffed).