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    Why can't I put my book on sale?

      Six days ago, I uploaded and previewed my book. But when I check the rights box and click "Put on sale", it sends me to a page that says, "We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience." But six days is more than just inconvenience.


      As a test, I left the title field empty and I got a message telling me to complete that field. But when all required fields are complete, I just get that technical difficulties message. I tried removing the 2nd and 3rd contributors, but the result is the same. I tried posting with and without DRM, but no luck. The book previews from cover to end. The cover is within size requirements both in pixels and bytes.


      I posted another book, just a few days earlier and it went into review, right away and is now on sale. But this one won't even go into review. I even tried it in another browser.


      Does anyone have any ideas?



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          If it's a new, previously unpublished book, just delete it out and start over. Something has corrupted its entry in the BN database.


          If it is a published book you are updating, you'll have to contact support.


          This happens on every system. I had to delete a Kindle book and start over a few days ago due to technical errors in the final step.

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              OK, I tried deleting my book and starting over. It sounded like a good suggestion. But unfortunately, I got the same result.


              Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.


              Any other suggestions?


              I'll try deleting and reposting one more time. But since it didn't work the last time, I don't hold out a lot of hope.

              • It works!!!

                OK. I tried deleting and reposting the book and I got to the same place and got the same error message.


                So on a fluke, I deleted it one more time and retyped the entire description and author info by hand and voilà! It worked!


                But now, I was curious. Fortunately, before posting the book for sale, I had the presence of mind to copy the new text into my clipboard. So after it posted, I pasted the data from those two fields into my text editor and saved the file. I then went into the terminal (UNIX) mode of my Mac and did a hex compare between what was in the first file and what posted OK. It turns out that although I had been pasting plain text into the "Description" and "About the Author" fields, there were some punctuations that B&N didn't like. They visually looked the same as the ones that were accepted, but were actually different characters. The only way to tell was by looking at the hex representation of the characters and it jumped out at me.


                I think that the bad text had originally been created in MS-Word and Microsloth tries to substitute their own characters, from time to time. When I opened it in Text Editor, the garbage came over. From now on, I'll create description fields from scratch, in the text editor.

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                    Great Discovery!

                    Might be a great idea for Pubit! to put up some kind of suggestion about not copying and pasting but typing out if they discover technical difficulties. Could save folks a lot of time and frustration.

                    Thanks for letting everyone know!

                    Congratulations on the book too!