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    Pricing policy

      Major question:  How do you price a book at $0.00 on BN?   Amazon had the same $0.99 minimum but they just changed it to my original request of $0.00, and my books have become free.  Shortly thereafter I had two books in their top 100 free books worldwide, one at #14.


      I have nine books on BN that I would like to price at $0.00 instead of $0.99 but the set-up page won't let you do it.  You put in $0.00 and it's flagged as an error. 


      The history gets more shaggy.  When Pubit started, I sent them 9 books that I had sent to Smashwords in the .doc format that Smashwords requires.  Then I realized I had screwed up and re-sent the books in ePub.  So now all the books are listed twice on BN.com, first the "Smashwords" edition that is free (where they created an ePub version) and then the ePub edition I later sent them for $0.99.  Okay, fine, take you pick -- except that the free Smashwords .doc documents ended up with font issues.  (Which did not happen with the ePub $0.99 versions.)  So now I am getting e-mails from readers complaining about the font in the free editions. 


      I would like to reprice the clean $0.99 versions to $0.00 and then remove the current free but flawed versions.  But BN seems to have no mechanism for doing this.  In fact, whereas the free versions appear on BN.com (just before the $0.99 versions), they do no appear in my Pubit account so I'm not even sure I can remove them. (They do have a different ISBN so complicated can it be?) But I'm not doing that till I can re-price the $0.99 versions and right now I have no idea now to do that.


      This is probably more information than anybody wants, but it makes you wonder who you are dealing with.