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    Enhanced books for Nook Color

      Can I upload an EPUB file with video to PubIt? The FAQ here says the files have to pass EPubCheck 1.0.5, but of course, video and audio files won't pass that check.But there are EPUB books already sold through B&N with video, which means they didn't pass EPubCheck either. So, can we independent publishers do it too?


      And, will B&N charge extra for delivering files with video and/or audio?




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          There are many books sold through B&N with enhanced capabilities: Read to me, Zoom, Picture books, etc. that are not available to PubIt publishers. These books are designed and formatted for the major book agencies when converting their print versions.


          PubIt, for now, is very restrictive in formatting and content availability. Text, and simple illustrations are the only features supported at this time.


          We are all waiting eagerly for an upgrade.