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    Question about new releases...

      I uploaded my ebook (Zebra's Cove) here two days ago.


      I was curious, so just a moment ago I clicked on the tab "New Releases" to see if it was listed and checked all five pages under that catagory.


      It is not listed.


      Does anyone have a clue why a new release is not listed under that catagory, or how we can get them listed?


      I suppose what I'm asking is... how can our ebooks get purchased by Barnes & Noble ebook customers if no one knows they are here?


      Thanks in advance!



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          I have had the same concern. When B&N did reply to this question for me, they told me that Pubit! doesn't choose which books B&N promotes. Unfortunately, It seems that bn.com is simply a virtual bookshelf that buyers can take your book from if they know what they are looking for.

          I am currently having the same problem with the search engine. My title doesn't appear on the list, even if I use the words I listed in my initial set up with them.

          I have had some success advertising locally with business cards, free book marks and posters.

          I do thank bn.com for the opportunity to self-publish with them. Hopefully an agent or publisher will discover us one day.

          Good luck!

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            That is something we'd all like to know. Read some of the other topics here.Keywords don't work either.