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    Placing on Sale


      I wish there was a way to place our books on sale with the original price still listed, that way customers know that it's on sale!


      Anyone know of how to do this?



      Cloud Nine (A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man) 


      The Heir Apparent (A Young Adult Novel)  

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          mrs smith, 


          I've heard folks say that to do that, you put your book(s) on smashwords with the price you want, let's say $2.99 on smashwords, and then you price them at $3.99 on pubit and kindle.


          After a while, BN and Amazon engine search spiders will come across your book on the smashwords website and if details match, will put your book on their site, on sale in order to match the price they found on the other site (original price still listed).