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    ISBN question


      I've just put my book through pubit and it is currently processing. My question is regarding the ISBN of my printed book version.  The directions stated that I could not use my printed book's ISBN for the electronic version of my book however, there would be a place where I could enter my published book's ISBN in order for the published version to be linked with the electronic version. 
      I did not see any place to enter my book version ISBN. Could someone please tell me where to find the place to enter it?
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          I have asked Pubit support the same question and have not received a reply.


          The only field I see in the Pubit info form is the one that asks if you have a print version and asks for the number of pages of the printed version. 


          Does anyone know how B&N links the nook version to the printed version?

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              They answered me via email. They told me to make sure that my author name and book name for my printed version and ebook version match identically. Also, if you used a middle inital in one, then use it in the other as well. If things are identical then they will be matched in the system in a few days. It worked for me :smileyhappy: