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    Wingless Book Series


      Check out Wingless Book Series by Holly Hood.

      Death is around everyone's corner, people try to run and hide from it, but it always catches up with them. Like a bad scene from a horror movie. Death stalks you like a lion, waiting for just the right moment to attack. You can run but sooner or later you'll trip and death will devour you. Did anyone know the secret to outrun death? No one that lived to tell about it, that's saying something right?

      Eve's life was never perfect, she knew this. If only her family realized the same thing. The loss of Marcus, her brother, The one person who made life tolerable was gone, death stole him away from her. And she was angry, sad, and emotionally beaten.

      Eve's only wish now in life was for death to take a hike, but that was never going to happen. Because death found Eve to be simply perfect, everything anyone could ask for in a girl. That was Eve.



      Holly Hood enjoys writing about unique things, her main goal is always to grip the reader with some type of emotion. She likes her characters to speak truths, and they always manage to have some form of stubborness to them.
      Wingless has a way to make you laugh, but at the same time feel a bit emotional about some of the circumstances.