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    Does this bother anyone else?

      My understanding of PubIt is that it's a vehicle for indie authors to self publish on BN, like the whole Amazon thing.  So why is it that when I click on PubIt books , I get titles like Anne of Green Gables and Sherlock Holmes?  It's bad enough I have to go through pages of 99 cent porn to find my title, but now I'm competing with dead authors who obviously didn't self publish at all.  If BN is serious about helping indies, they should have their act together a little bit better than that.

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          Not really. PubIt is just a distribution tool to make my books available to readers. It's up to me to find the readers and direct them to my books. I use a lot of direct links to my book's page. It takes the guess work and need to "search" out of the hands of my readers. My books come up by title search and author name search so I haven't had this issue.

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            It bothers me too, especially because of the swindling aspect to it.  It looks to me like a scam against the elderly, since they're more likely to seek out classics over new books, and less likely to know they can get them for free elsewhere.  It seems truly unethical for B&N and Amazon to encourage unscrupulous writers to download free ebooks from Project Gutenberg, attach an incompetently written preface and then upload it to their bookstores to sell Jane Austen's work for a fee. But they get a cut of every sale, therefore they're happy, so what can we do about it?  The whole scenario is just another sign of the greed of the times.  Grrrrr.  *pets us*



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              I agree with Swordarkeereon...I am happy to have my books available here and Amazon....