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    My Pubit  Experience Good -- Like Corp. Culture

      Hey, I've had some issues with Pubit when it first launched its ebook program, but I have to say I am very pleased with the company's prompt payment and dashboard.


      All in all, I find Pubit's corporate culture top notch.


      I really love the book upload system. It is superior to others.


      If you are thinking about publishing on Pubit, I recommend it highly.



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          That's good to hear!  I intend to upload my book here within the next few weeks, but I'm a little bothered by the site's search engine.  Aren't you?  I mean, the search engine above all things on this site should be geared to make things as accessible to the potential buyer as possible and it fails miserably.  I'd love to buy books here as well as sell them--I read veraciously--but I can't find the type of books I want because the filtering system is totally made of fail.  Waaaaah!

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            I am still waiting to make my decision...While it has potential to be awesome...some things do need to be fixed...One - search...visibility greatly lacking for now. I have hopes it will improve. Who knows, maybe they are working on it.

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              I learned about PutIt last night and am evaluating the pros and cons.  Have several short manuscripts languishing in a drawer and think this might be one way to get them out there for user feedback.  Would love to hear specifics about your experience.  What type (genre) of manuscripts did you upload?  What prices were set?  Do you make enough $$$ to make it worth the time spent?  thanks!!