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    A Provacative New Book about Race, Relationships, and the Battle to overcome addiction!

      "Find the Flower that Blossoms" is my first feature length novel that has just been released by Publish America (www.publishamerica.com).  The book is the story of a young White woman named Ashley Summers who, along with her Black boyfriend Adisa, experiences a traumatic racist attack.  The death of her friend during the attack causes Ashley to develop a serious drinking problem.  She manages to stop drinking, but then descends into a devastating battle with sexual addiction. 


      This is the story of the role race plays in present day interracial relationships as well as a young woman's battle to overcome self esteem issues and her personal demons.  This is a must read for 2011.  These issues impact millions of people's lives, yet they are all virtually ignored in present day discussion and education.  You can order this provacative book by going to www.publishamerica.net or ask B & N to order the book for you!!