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    Believe I've Figured Out the Problem - No New Sales Page

      I posted in a different thread regarding my sales report page zeroing-out twice a couple or few weeks ago and each time it came back up two or three days later, no new sales would appear for days or a week following these glitches.


      My sales have started up again but there were some days of sales that I'm certain didn't make it to my sales report page. I posted again about this in the thread - link following:




      I had actually decided to simply ignore the issue but then came across a thread in which an administrator announced the new sales page was updated. Members/publishers have commented in yet other threads, saying how much they like the new page.


      Mine is the same one and no changes at all to it and I suspect it may be due to the type browser one uses or the type OS they have. My browser is Internet Explorer and my OS is Windows.


      I've decided to revert back to advice Pubit Support sent me when I originally emailed them about the zeroing-out incidents, followed by skipped sales for days or weeks at a time. They assured if a publisher's sales report page experiences issues, this will not affect their tracking of accrued sales. With this in mind and the fact that my sales report page experienced no update, I may just ignore it and not check sales. The page doesn't show tracking of my books in print and I'm not worried about those, so why stress over my 30 e-books?


      I trust B&N to take care of business and I'm thrilled to have my items with the world's largest publisher - that's all that matters!


      Issue closed for me.