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    Decided to take a breather...

      I know that I have been quck to complain here...but this is our dreams we're looking at here! I have worked hard to write my books and get them out there, as I am sure the rest of you have. And I DO appreciate another place to publish them. But I may have been too harsh...though it is really frustrating when things don't seem to get corrected...I am going to try and be positive and think that  Pubit!will get it together here. That they will get everything working! Saves...sales pages, etc. Surely, they are trying to get everything as it should be.


      I must admit that I do not understand why my sales came to a sudden stop! Nada!  Zilch! Nothing for days, even weeks now. The first week I was up, I had several sales. Of course, there is that problem of not being able to find them all that easily. But, hopefully, that will be corrected too. I sympatize with all of you trying to get things done. But one has to also consider the frustration the techs must be having with all the gliches, etc...and our complaining probably doesn't help. Too much negative feedback could easily make them not want to get the problems solved too quickly. If I were on their end, I am sure it wouldn't help matters. And I have been one of the worst complainers! I have to think positive -- That they are trying their best and will get it all taken care of.