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      Hi everyone in the Community and at B & N Support Staff,


      I've posted my problem with the B & N Pubit community, specifically about my book "Text Me, A Tale of Love and Technology, " so much that my fingers are starting to hurt from all the typing (and that says a lot). In my last posting, I had informed all of you that  B & N Support Staff had gotten back to me, saying that they could successfully download my book - even though I couldn't - stating that I had to upload it with Nook applications. This I accepted and I thought I had figured it all out, but just in case something was wrong with my computer, I went over to my neighborhood Barnes and Noble Store, went over to the Nook counte,r and spoke to a B & N staff member (who specializes in selling the Nook) and told him about the problem, and asked if I could see my book on the Nook itself, just to make sure there still isn't a problem. Well lo and behold, someone at B & N  PubIt Support Staff wasn't telling the truth - it's not even downloadable on the Nook! - Looks like B & N PubIt support staff was shirking off me and my valid issues. First, B & N PubIt hadn't put up my "free sample" feature until I pushed them to, second, they didn't and still haven't put my book in any of the romance categories, as I had asked, and third, I couldn't download my free sample and/or book and they told me that it was a problem  on my end, yet, today I find out that wasn't the truth.


      I have directed people to B & N to buy my eBook (and the print version is also up with it) and I  put B & N on my web site to forward others onto BarnesandNoble.com for my eBook, not to mention my blog, Twitter, and Facebook - how does it look when someone who wants to read my eBook goes to a link that I directed them to, and they can't download it - not even the sample? Bad. So you can understand how and why I'm so angry and frustrated with B & N Pubit! right now and the support service staff, and what has driven me to write this post.


      Since I have gone back and forth with B & N support staff, and am just getting tired of being passed over, and since I'm putting up a free preview of my second book with bonus material from "Text Me," I have decided to unpublish this book ("Text Me") and then publish it all over again. I've tried the B & N Support Staff route and am dismayed at what I've experienced. I just have to take this matter into my own hands, and I hope that B & N PubIt is more help the second time around than it had been the first time around.


      I want you all to know that I'm not a rabble-rouser (hopefully that's how you spell the term), but this is just bad. Real bad ...






           I share your frustration with the lack of support. I get the distinct feeling that Barnes and Noble really isn’t taking Pubit seriously, a big mistake with all the competition out there. The only reason I did this in the first place is that some of my fans use the Nook and requested a Nook version. They say no good deed goes unpunished and I’m beginning to wonder if I wouldn’t have been better off disappointing a few fans, then playing with this nightmare. I did have some issues with Amazon as well, but they were resolved within 24 hours, now that’s support.