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    Formatting next chapter

      My pubIt! book (Dyson the Terrible Puppy) is a collection of essays. I had a difficult time formatting the essays in Microsoft Word so that each one would begin on a new page.  I ended up manually spacing, previewing, spacing, previewing, etc. until each essay began on a new page and it was rather tedious.


      Tech support (866-597-9863) said all they can tell me is to check the FAQ and Support info on the pubIt! site.  I can't see where it tells how many lines are available for each page.


      Any suggestions?

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          Just found out I need a formatting software! Silly me... I didn't realize I needed to download something to comply with e-book standard

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            Here I am again... same question. I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions, that wasn't what I needed. I also downloaded Calibre... can't use that to create my book.


            So I still need help... anyone/ Thanks.

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              I haven't loaded my book yet, so haven't experienced the chapter break problem.

              But I know that you can force a page break using Ctrl-Enter - that should prevent you having to space [which won't translate in a resizable e-book]

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                Did anyone got any solution for this?

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                    Formating next chapter - I'm using Microsoft Word 2003 and Word 2007 for some activities. What I have learned so far is that once the whole manuscript is done I need to go back and break out each chapter, title page etc. as individule doc(x) files. Then to use with my ebub conversion tool, Calbrie, I need to then save those .doc files as html files. Then Calibre will format those .htm and .jpg files correctly. ;-)


                    Well at least most of the time. I'm still working out the details to get it to look perfect but at least I have files that look good on my Nook and on the PC version of Nook. Hope that helps some.


                    The Control Enter to end chapters is not optional. Any and all line feeds (i.e. Returns) will show on the Nook. If during the conversion to HTML you deecide to use the whole document instead of individule sections you are very lickly to have to edit the completed HTML document for excess line feeds.