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    Can read it on Nook Color but not Simple Touch, why not?

      I have read through other threads and hope this isn't a reahash as this question seems to pop up in a thread but doesn't have one of it's own...


      I don't understand why some magazines I have can be read on the Nook Color and the Simple Touch and some can't. I have a subscription to the Economist, and I can read it on the color but not the simple. But the Scholar can be read on both. Of course they are formatted differently for the different devices, but who does the formatting?


      I contacted the Economist thinking they are the ones who control that, but they referred me to Barnes and Noble. But I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone. 


      I leave the Nook Color at home because I find it a bit heavy to walk around with but I always have the Simple Touch with me, so it would be nice if the same content was available for both.

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          I had a similar issue. I was getting The Writer on my nook 1st edition. I can't any longer. It is only available for nook color or the nook tablet. I contacted B&N and The Writer with my displeasure over my subscription being discontinued due to the device I own.


          The Writer did not even list B&N as a provider of a digital version of their magazine on their website - at least, that I could locate.


          So, it appears that B&N is in control of digital version of magazines, deciding which devices they are suitable for. It also appears that these decisions are made without notifying customers with subscriptions. I am most displeased in the way that B&N handled that situation.


          I'm not going to go out and buy a nook color or nook tablet for that one magazine subscription. I am also not sending B&N money for that subscription, which I was happily doing for months, because they made the magazine unavailable for my nook. They are slowly pushing me away as a customer.