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    Charged for free subscription?

      I can't seem to get a hold of customer service or they just don't want to help.


      Here's my original question I emailed:


      I purchased a copy of EW in the above order. I was supposed to receive information on how to input and verify my print subscription info so I'd get the issues for free. I did not have that happen. Please advise as I currently have the $4.99 pending in my checking account.


      Thank you.


      What I received in reply was this:


      Thank you for writing to us.


      Barnes & Noble is currently offering a free Digital Newsstand Subscription with the purchase of the print subscription to select magazines/newspapers available via BN.com. 


      After purchasing the print version, you need to simply order the corresponding NOOK subscription and begin the 14 day free trial.


      After the order has been submitted, you will receive an email with instructions to redeem the free offer for active print subscribers.


      You will need the print subscription account number, typically listed on their mailing label. Your credit cards will not be charged during the 14 day free trial period. 


      Visit www.bn.com and click on the options that appear in the upper right-hand corner to view information about your order.


      We look forward to your next visit.


      Obviously my email was not read. (I loathe companies that use canned responses.)

      So, I'll ask all of you - does anyone have any idea what happened? I'm a subscriber to EW, so I should get it for free, but I can't find where to verify my EW account number. (Note: I did it for another magazine, which is why I'm confused as to what is going on with this one.)


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          The best thing is to make sure you get the confirmation email and then follow the link to put the information in.  If you don't get the email then you need to call customer service. 


          This same problem happened to me with the same magazine twice.  On both occassions, I called the 800 number and had to argue with overseas customer service people who could not seem to grasp my issue.  I asked to speak to a supervisor in the US.  The supervisor made sure that my account information was entered in the system.  Both times, they suggested that I cancel the subscripton, re-subscribe and wait for the confirmation email.  The 1st time this resulted in a 2nd charge.  I rejected this the 2nd time because I did not want a 3rd charge.  The supervisor sent me a gift card to compensate me for the charges because they could not process a refund without cancelling the subscription. 


          I too wrote to customer service about the problem and got a laughable email very similar to yours. 


          Just take heart and don't pull your hair out just yet.  This is not a unique situation and it can be resolved.  It may just take about an hour on the phone.

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            Try this:

            1. go to bn.com
            2. Click on "My Nook" on the top right of the website
            3. Go to Magazines in My Library
            4. Under the title of the magazine it will say in bold "Get it Free (Active Print Subscribers), click on that text and it will take you to the page to verify your print subscription. This is the same link that would come in the email.