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    Suggestion: Post sample photo of a periodical's page

      I've thought about subscribing to a couple of magazines, but you wonder how well they'll be pulled off--especially ones with photos. Then some that have photos in the hard copy, don't in their e-version.


      Why not just post two snapshots of sample pages, one for the NookColor and one for the original Nook. That way we can see approx what it looks like and if it's something that's not available for the Nook you could have a box with big red letters "Not Available" so maybe some who seem to not read the fine print wouldn't order it and then get mad. Likewise if the magazine is print only when it normally has photos in the newsstand version, you could see that. I think it would help increase sales and in some cases get the periodicals that are not up to standards to make improvements.


      And yes I know you can order a sample or get a 14 day free subscription. Frankly, I don't trust the magazine to stop the subscription after 14 days and not charge you. I would just as soon know what I wanted to order and go ahead and subscribe for the year.