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    Paywall access for Nook periodical subscribers (NYT & Economist)

      The New York Times recently announced a paywall subscription requirement for its online content.  Subscribers to the newspaper in hard copy format get such access at no additional charge.  Kindle e-paper subscribers are also being granted the same access, again at no additional charge.  But not Nook subscribers.  Here is what NYT's FAQ has to say:


      • 24. I have a subscription to The New York Times on my Kindle, Nook or other e-reader. Does this give me access to NYTimes.com?
      • Subscribers to The New York Times on Kindle will receive full access to NYTimes.com. We are currently working through the technical requirements to verify Kindle subscriber accounts and offer access. More information will be available soon.
      • At this time, we're not able to connect other e-reader subscriptions to an NYTimes.com subscription. Each must be purchased separately.

        We plan to enhance our e-reader subscription options in the near future.  


      I recently had an email exchange with The Economist, asking a similar question about access to their paywall-limited website and apps, which hard-copy subscribers gain access to at no additional charge.  I was informed that Nook subscriptions do not count for this purpose.  (I do not know whether they count kindle subscriptions.)


      To my mind, this makes the Nook periodicals much less attractive and less competitive, compared to hard copy or kindle subscriptions. 


      I strongly urge B&N to work with content suppliers to ensure comparable treatment for subscribers to B&N e-periodicals when it comes to such extras as online and app access.