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    Odd Archive/Delete behavior with the New York Times

      I don't know if it's just the New York Times that is doing this, but it's the only periodical I subscribe to, so it's happening to me here.


      I never "archive" issues of the New York Times.  Given the timeliness of the information, if I don't read the paper that morning, there's no point, so there's REALLY no point to holding on to old issues (at least for me).


      So the expected behavior is that the last 10 issues should be kept, and then disappear, get deleted, etc.


      However, now, when I select the option to "view older issues", I not only get the most recent issues in black, but I get pages of greyed out "archived" issues, going back as far as september. 


      BUT, when I check my nookbook library online, the only issues that appear are the most recent, unarchived issues.  And these archived issues are nowhere to be found in my archived documents, so there's no way to manually delete them.


      Even stranger - I manually deleted a few issues online from last week, and they no longer appear in my account or on my nook.  Even MORE strange - I unarchived one of these "mystery" issues, and it reappeared in my nookbook library online as well (at which point I was able to truly delete it).  


      This entire behavior is very odd, and in direct contradiction to what is supposed to happen with periodicals (i.e., deleted after 10 issues).  It's a small annoyance, but it's an annoyance nonetheless.  

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          Just to update:


          I unarchived some of the much older issues (dated from September) in the hopes that once they were unarchived, I could manually delete them from my library online (via computer).  But even though they are existent on my nook (including at least one that I've downloaded and opened!), they still appear nowhere in my nook library online.  So I CANNOT delete them.  I've even tried manually deleting them via my computer, but they just appear in the list ready to download again when I recheck.  


          Most people have problems getting books they want ONTO their nooks. I can't seem to get this old crap off of mine.