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      If Playboy magazine would be offered for download on NOOKcolor, would you have any objections?


      For me, No.

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          no, would like to see it!
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            count me in


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              It would be interesting to see if they were able to actually implement this. Since you'd need to be 18 to purchase it, but minors have nooks. But you need a credit card to purchase an ebook but it's more than likely a parent's credit card. And what if you are over 18 but use gift cards to buy ebooks? Hmm, it'd be interesting to see how it'd get done if offered. 

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                There are only two things that would make me interested in this idea:


                1) I purchase a Nook Color.


                2) There's a centerfold.

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                  If this is an issue maybe B&N could put parental controls in the nook like there are in many other systems (eg game systems). That way, if junior gets ahold of something he shouldn't, it's their own fault.

                  In any case, there is a plethora of porn available for any twelve year old with a nook to access, from Fifty Shades of Grey on down.

                  Having said that, speaking as an adult, I would love it if Playboy was one of the options.
                  I read it for the articles! (Between the obligatory leering at the pictures.)