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    Magazine Subscription Problems, not being able to cancel it

      Just and FYI...and perhaps to save someone a call to Customer Support.


      I've got a few magazine subscriptions on my NC.    A week ago, I came here online, canceled the subscription to one of them (PC Magazine) and got two trial subscriptions to two others.


      A few days ago, I checked, and the one I had canceled the subscription to, still showed as an active subscritption.   So I canceled it again.   And, canceled one of the two trial subscrittions that I had just gotten (didn't like the first issue I got...no biggie).


      Checked last night, both cancelled subscritptions still showed as active.   Canceled both again.


      Got the new issue of PC Magazine today, checked again...still shows active as did the trail magazine I had cancelled.


      So...called customer support....only about a 15 minute wait, and I got through to a customer service agent in the Phillipines (I asked where she was).   First, she spoke very GOOD English and repeated stuff back to me to make sure she had my information right.   She then did some checking and reported that yes, there are problems with magazine subscription cancellations.   That it will be reported to the folks who run the website and that I should check back in 48 to 72 hours to see if they're gone.


      In oher words.....stuff happens, it's not a big deal, the customer service agent was very polite and took my information and passed it on properly.    I would call it a positive experience.


      So....if any of you are having issues with your magazine subscriptions, be patient, wait a few days and things should clear up.    If not, I'll try another call, or perhaps Micael-V can look into this for us.