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    Number of pages please

      Is there anyone else out there who would like to see a books number of pages stated in the description? I've recently purchased two books in different series at $10 ea only to discover they were under 100 pages!!! Makes me VERY mad!
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          Sadly, this is not yet an option, but it's also one I'd like to see. 


          Always check the hardcover/softcover version of the book for the total number of pages if this is of concern. 


          Some people use the file size to estimate the length, but this can get really skewed if there are pictures in the book.


          For example, 

          Freedom by Daniel Suarez

          is 496 pages/massmarket paperback


          The ebook version is 456 KB, so those 80k-150k books are generally ones to avoid if you don't care for short novels.  As a vague rule of thumb, each 'k' is about a page, but again, things can screw this up, so don't rely on this, but it IS accurate when you see a very small file size like 80k, you know it's a really short book.


          PS:  Be sure to review the books as well and let other buyers know it's really a short novel and you felt a bit ripped off.






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              Thanks for all of the tips and suggestions! I know i can gestimate from the details online. What gets me is that book details as well as reviews seem to be seriously lacking when viewing on nook or color nook. I would like to see more effort made to make the nook readers independant from the website as its not always convienant to stop and check online.
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              One thing that would make the file size comparison not as accurate would be if the file contained any images that make the file larger. What I do for my own novels is I put the approximate word count in the description. The page count for something that is an Nook book only (no hardcopy available) would be dependent on the font type and size, so it would be difficult to standardize. I read somewhere on a B & N board that one page may average somewhere around 400 words or so, though I'm not sure of the accuracy of that number.


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                As mentioned above, you can't always rely on the nook page total to determine the actual length of the book.


                I've bought a few ebooks where the nook showed about 100 pages but where the paperback had about 300 pages.  It would take several page turns on the nook for each page number.  I guess it was how the ebook was formated.


                Also when the B&N web site shows the page total for the ebook it isn't always the total that will be displayed on the nook. 


                From some recent books I've read:

                ebook on nook  167 pages (but states as 256 pages on B&N web site)

                paperback (B&N) 256 pages

                ebook (amazon) 256 pages

                paperback (amazon) 304 pages


                ebook on nook  157 pages (no page total on B&N web site)

                paperback (B&N) 272 pages

                ebook (amazon) 272 pages

                paperback (amazon) 272 pages


                ebook on nook  200 pages (no page total on B&N web site)

                paperback (B&N) 304 pages

                ebook (amazon) 304 pages

                paperback (amazon) 304 pages

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                  Does it help for you to know the number of words or is that meanless to you? On the descriptions for my books I put the word count. I've thought about putting a page count, but I would put the number of pages if it was a DTB. But as has been pointed out in this thread, that is a different number than in an eBook.