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    THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES: Survivors Book 1 Part 1

      I hope everyone will check out my new read, I am doing it "episodic" so I can get them posted faster, I would love to hear what everyone thinks, its the first time I have posted a book on Nook. I think its a good read, specially if you like zombies, takes all the "Hollywood" out of the zombie genre and brings it all down to brass-tax....Please take a look, here's the link and synopsis





      Alex McKowan had a normal life, good friends, a good job and a nice home in the country, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.
      By all accounts things were going great--then events beyond his control and spiral his life into a nightmarish fight for survival.
      Now Alex is in a daily battle; not only against wave after wave of undead horror but against fear, solitude, paranoia and starvation.
      This is the first exciting episode of The Zombie Chronicles: Survivors!