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    The Device   A Sci Fi mystery with a shocking Climax   $2.99

      Just published my novel, The Device.  Check it out!



      The Device





      A mysterious device.

      A physicist with advanced medical knowledge.

      A man's quest to uncover the secrets of his past and save the woman he loves.

      When John Timmons finds an unusual metal object behind his cabin in Colorado, he suspects it belongs to his new neighbor, Jacob Mowat--a retired nuclear engineer who claims to have been employed by the government. As their friendship progresses, John discovers that his neighbor is guarding a terrible secret. His search for answers leads to a startling truth about his own troubled past as an orphan and the fate of humanity.

      THE DEVICE is a character-driven mystery that explores loss and redemption, corruption and miracles. Fans of speculative fiction--George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World---will enjoy the frightening climax.