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    Studying Biblical Doctrine

      If you've ever wanted to study Bible doctrine, then I have some book recommendations for you. Many of us read our Bibles and, with the help of our pastors or priests, we have a good grasp of what the Bible is telling us. Bible doctrine goes one step further and tells you what your pastor or priest knows about what the Bible means. There are three books I can recommend. There may be others and you are welcome to post your recommendations in this thread:


      First is the big mamma jamma:



      Systematic Theology 


      This book pretty well covers the entire gammut of Biblical doctrine. Its often used by seminaries as a textbook.




      Bible Doctrine 


      By the same author, this book is a condensed version of the first book covering the main doctrines. Unfortunately, this one is not in nookbook form and since it is priced at almost the same prices as the first one, I'd go for Systematic Theology.




      Christian Beliefs 


      And finally, this one. Also by Wayne Grudem. This is an even more condensed version of the first book. Its more suitable for adult Sunday school or for those who want to a more causual read about important Biblical doctrine but don't want to wade through a thousand pages of it. Each chapter is brief, to the point and followed up with discussion questions.