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    Recommendations Requested

      I don't see a lot of posts like this on here, so I hope this isn't something bad to come on here and ask about, but I am in need of a bit of help.


      I have posted on the Nook General page how my Uncle (approx. age 65-67, not eactly sure) had a stroke and as such now has partial use of his right hand.  Anyway, he is someone who LOVES reading, and due to his issues now we as a family thought an ereader would be a GREAT idea since he can "turn" the pages with his left hand, he doesn't have to use both hands to keep the book open etc.  He is also in a rehab facility with basically nothing to do most of the time.  btw he pretty much hates tv, or if he watches it, it is minimal at best.


      anyway - sorry, I am getting to my question.  We did get him a Nook and it is now time to load him up with some books initially. 


      Now my question - anyone have recommendations on good books in the genres he would like.  He is a HUGE history buff.  Also big on Civil War, Lincoln, that kind of stuff.  also the Titanic.  that type of non fiction, history based stuff.  OR it could be fiction but with a flavor of that.  NO adult hanky panky either, he would die to have a book with anything too suggestive in it (kind of religious)


      Anyone have some killer ideas on can't miss books under those headings?  and (of course...) any good bargin ones? 


      I can't wait to go Sat with the family and deliver to him his new spiffy eReader loaded with 8-10 books.  we are also loading a few gift cards as well on the thing, so he should be good to go for awhile

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