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    The Perfect BMW

      Hi everybody, I'm Alm Hlgh the author of The Perfect BMW.  I noticed that this eBook is quickly moving up the ranks on B & N and decided to create a discussion thread about love and marriage.  


      Don't worry, you don't have to buy the book to discuss on this thread; just have an opinion about love, marriage, disclosure.  Briefly here is the summary of the story: 


      Misunderstood as a gold-digger Sheila doesn't believe a marriage can be successful based on love after watching her mom and older sister's failed marriages and love lives with men. Therefore she schemes to get a man making six figures who can help create a business partnership to build a lifestyle based on the American Dream. Her criteria: of course he must be making bank, never married and definitely NO kids ALLOWED!!!

      Neal Towers was not your average black man. He was a successful air personality for the number 1 broadcast radio-company in the USA and he was moving up the syndicated radio show list fairly quickly; expecting to have his own syndicated show one day soon. He had a college degree, making big money, never married and he loved beautiful and successful black women. All of his life getting a woman was the easy part and he never gave much thought about family life or having children.


      So when his high school sweetheart had Junior, it was no big deal; he just stepped up to the plate making sure he handled his financial responsibility. Of course high school puppy love can grow passé when you’re in college and see all of the fresh new meat that you’re missing out on; and that’s how he met baby momma # 2 Denise his college first love. Graduating from college and landing first an internship at the #1 urban & hip hop station in town was a dream come true so Neal focusing on his career somehow lost touch with Denise and the two of them moved on. Wow, working around the hottest R & B acts in the US was a surreal experience for Neal; the parties, the luxuries and the women was mind blowing to someone who had been born and raised in a working-class and humble life. Neale couldn't get enough of the parties or the women and that’s how he met Susan baby momma # 3; a groupie who followed and traveled around with one of the boy bands that his station sponsored.


      Neal meets Shelia and for him it’s love at first sight; only she’s not interested in having any kids or a man with any. What’s a man to do when he’s just met his perfect woman but he doesn't quite meet her standards? Is it lying if you fail to disclose certain information? Join Neal and Shelia in this romantic-comedy that asks: What is the most important quality in a marriage? Together they search for common ground and understanding in trying to save their marriage.



      Now where are some questions for discussion regarding love and marriage.


      The general theme of this book asks:


      What is the most important quality (honest, trust, respect, disclosure, love, etc.) to have in a marriage?  Through out the book our characters struggle and discuss what they feel is the key to having a successful marriage?


      What do you think is the most important quality to have in a successful marriage?


      Do you disclose everything from your past to your significant other?


      Is it lying if you omit telling information about yourself?


      What would you do, if you found out your significant other has secrets from you that could change your life?


      Do you think Shelia was wrong for leaving or staying with Neal?



      As far as marriage goes, is love a key factor in having a successful one?


      Do people marry for love or money?  Is anything wrong with marrying for money?