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    For your consideration - Middle Reader fantasy based in Slavic mythology

      I would like to offer for your consideration my NookBook, qi, which is available for 99 cents on B&N. It's been getting really good reviews.


      Thirteen-year-old uber-archer Samantha is thrilled to qualify for Xenith, the most prestigious -- and mysterious -- Olympic training facility in the world. Much more than an athletic camp, it's a fantasyland where living dolls and the Baba Yaga abound. Plus there's Dr. Nine, a master alchemist whose magical laboratory is very well guarded indeed. But not all that glitters is Olympic gold. When dangerous secrets -- and spirit sucking vampires -- begin to surface, Sam must fight to expose Xenith's dark underbelly to save her friends and family...if she survives herself.


      Here's the link:



      Some reviews:


      "I absolutely loved this story. Samantha is an endearing character with a feisty and bold character." - Trishy (Australia)


      "It flows fantastic and the voice is strong. This author weaves in all kinds of twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. I would definitely recommmend this book!" - Donna Johnson


      "A fast-paced, unique fantasy tour-de-force" - April Hicks