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    Why Buy a Tablet?


      Wonder if the Nook(s) were included in this at all?



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          Doesn't sound like they were - and probably because of this: Analysis of the top purchase consideration factors for an average tablet owner found that selection of apps and price of tablet led as the most important factors, The Tablet and Color just aren't able to compete with the others in that key area. They're more enhanced ereaders than general-purpose tablets.

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              TnTexas wrote:

              [...] They're more enhanced ereaders than general-purpose tablets.

              Despite B&N's protestations, it looks like the rest of the world isn't ready to buy off on their vision of the "media tablet". Apps seem to be a major part of the equation for lots of other companies and users.

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              I think if you are limiting yourself to U.S. 7 inch sales there were a number of sources ranking fire one, nook 2, samsung 3 over the last year. What I found interesting is how thin the reported margins were. Samsung is vertically integrated so is this hiding profits from captive parts suppliers? Accounting is not a strength but it seems to me that profits from subsidiaries could be hidden this way. A method not available tonAmazon, Apple, or BN.
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                Source: When it comes to the tablet market, Barnes & Noble ranked fifth behind Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and Lenovo, according to IDC. Still looming on the horizon is Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet, widely expected to ship in the fourth quarter.  May 2012



                Whatever reason that drives sales for Nook Tablet, when I go to the BN app store and I can't find an app to watch or stream NBC olympics, or comcast, which I can do with my Android phone, that is a problem.  So even though I only have a Nook Color, and now that NT 16g is only $199, I have to make a decision do I buy an NT or Nexus 7?  BTW the 1st released version of Nexus 7 has plenty of problems don't believe all the glowing reviews.


                Go ahead defend B&N's proprietary android OS, there are definitely good reasons for it, but in the end B&N has to maintain product sales, price is starting to make any kind of differentiation a non issue.  Thus where does B&N go?

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                    The actual sales numbers released by Samsung as part of their ongoing patent trial with Apple revealed that their tablet sales were actually terrible and (surprise surprise) IDC has no idea what they are talking about.


                    Incidentally, I streamed the Olympics perfectly adequately on my NOOK by simply using the web browser. Its amazing how the introduction of the iphone made everyone forget that the internet existed and that you NEED an app for everything.