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    My expensive paperweight

      My Nook Froze up.  I see a picture of the Bronite Sisters.

      I held the power button down for 2 minutes.  NOTHING

      I charged it for 2 hours.  NOTHING

      I removed the battery for 5 minutes.  NOTHING

      I was told to remove the battery for 4 hours.  Guess what?  NOTHING

      If I mail my NOOK to them.  They will send me a REFURBISHED (A PIECE OF JUNK THAT BROKE DOWN AND IS SCRATCHED UP) NOOK in about 2 to 3 weeks.


      This NOOK is less then a month old.  I paid extra for the extended warranty.


      At the very best I will get an old, used, scratched up, refurbished piece, of junk in about 3 weeks.


      I thought the NOOK was the best Ereader out there.  I owned an original Rocket, then an Ebookwise. 


      It is not worth the postage.  I will be parked outside of the Barns and Noble Store tomorrow with a sign explaining the truth about the NOOK.  I will let potential Nook customers see that Barns and Noble does not stand behind the NOOK.


      Ray Mahlberg

      Orlando Florida

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          Not saying this is a for-sure thing, but if you ran it completely out of juice... and I mean, bone-dry... your Nook would exhibit the exact symptoms you describe.

          And it could take more than 2 hours to recharge.


          Just sayin'. I'd double check that it was plugged in cleanly, and make sure it was to a live power socket, and I'd leave it overnight before I started to write it off and see about getting it replaced.


          Unless you're really looking forward to making a sign. Some people thrive on a sense of personal outrage.


          Not me. Too much effort involved. But some people. 




          Also, if you have the extended warranty, they're going to replace it with a new Nook. At least, they did in my case. And in my case, I broke my original Nook through negligence. It was my own damn fault. Not a design flaw or lemon. 


          I was reading from a brand new Nook in about 5 days... and two of them were weekend days.

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            Why is your nook junk? Why do you need to return it? If my car battery dies, it happens, then I replace the battery not the car.


            Can you just head down to B&N and pick up a new nook battery?

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              I would bet that if you took it back to a store, they would give you an even exchange.

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                THis happened to me about a month after I purchased my Nook. I was VERY upset, I tried everything that you tried. Finally someone told me to recharge it a good 16 hours and try again. Sure enough, my Nook once again worked like it was supposed to. About 2-3 weeks later, it happened again. I did the recharge thing and it once again worked fine. It kept getting wonkier over time and eventually after about 3-4 months, it completely died, no recovery, eink screen broke, etc.


                I sent it back for a replacement. I've been VERY happy with my replacement Nook. Don't know if it's a refurbished or not, but I've not had any problems with it, I've drained the battery reading down to the point I get a "we're shutting you down!!!!!" type message and beyond if I just really needed to finish that chapter. No problem. My Nook is my constant companion.


                I too worried about getting a refurbished one when I had to return my original, but the replacement Nook outperforms the original Nook. Every day is a pleasure to read, has handled every update like a dream. I may even decide to stop reading long enough to check out the browser sometime. maybe. :smileyhappy:


                What you decide is up to you, but I'd do the recharge first, and if you continue to have problems, get a replacement. I don't know about you, but I go through withdrawels without something to read. Don't chance it...the withdrawels are miserable.



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                  I just purchased 3 certified preowned Nooks from B&N on ebay for xmas presents. Have charged up each one and checked them out. Each one looks minty, no scratches, etc. Did the update and each one handled it nicely. I loaded a few books onto each one to check out functionality and each one appears to work fine. I can't see any nicks, etc on them. Perfect! And these are Nooks sold as PREOWNED!

                  I seriously doubt that you would get a scratched up piece of junk as you seem to think you will get.


                  You kind of sound like my hubby. ALways expect the worse, and then thinks the occasional disappointment justifies his expectations and feels picked on by the universe. Rant and Rave, temper tantrum, can't even talk sense to him till he gets over blaming and damning the source of his frustration. How he has the energy left to get anything DONE is beyond me.  And the time wasted....




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                    ray5809 wrote:


                    It is not worth the postage.  I will be parked outside of the Barns and Noble Store tomorrow with a sign explaining the truth about the NOOK.  I will let potential Nook customers see that Barns and Noble does not stand behind the NOOK.


                    Ray Mahlberg

                    Orlando Florida

                    Hey Ray . . . .  If you send me your broken piece of junk nook COD I'll gladly pay you $10 for it . . .!!!!!  :smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy:



                    Lemme know . . . .



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                      Thank you for tolerating my ranting.  The one thing that upset me the most is.  I was happy when customer service said they would replace my NOOK.  Then I was told that I would not receive a new Nook equal to the one I purchased.  But, I would only receive a refurbished NOOK.


                      To rub salt into the wound.  I was told that the refurbished Nook would be better then the one I purchased.  I asked, how?  The customer service agent said that the refurbished NOOK worked and mine did not.


                      I agree that a refurbished Nook will work.  If I wanted a refurbished NOOK, I could have saved a few dollars and bought one on Ebay.  I feel that the customer service people should treat customers with respect.  If you buy a new NOOK that becomes defective, then I should receive a new replacement NOOK.


                      I other words.  If you buy a new car that is defective.  Would you be happy with a used car, that has been cleaned?