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    Network Unavailable error AGAIN

      And I thought this was behind me. I can connect to the Internet, my NOOK tells me I'm connected to my WiFi, but it won't download ANY of the four books I bought last evening. (06-04)


      Why is this happening? It's showing in my Unshelved category, I select a book and it shows me the overview screen and says I should download the book. And of course, Network Unavailable pops up. This is really teeing me off now.


      Any suggestions from anyone? I have a Classic Nook, and have never had trouble with it, so I'm not inclined to think it's a problem I have caused. I even received the emails saying thanks for buying the books. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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          Thanks NOOK for making me look stooooopid. No sooner do I post my problem, and boom, NOOK starts downloading my books.


          I am going to have to think about switching to Kindle even though I really don't want to. I can't see giving you guys my money, and having to wait 24 hours until I can read my book.


          Or maybe I should just start buying used books again and going that way. I like electronic reading, but this is for the birds.

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            I am having this problem too!!!!
            Our Wi-Fi is working, I turn the Nook off and turn it back on again...and even though the bar up in the corner is saying I"m connected, I try downloading a book and about 95% of the time it says 'Network Unvailable'. ? Huh? But I can buy them FROM my Nook, I just can't download them.
            It's been about a month now I've had this issue.
            I have like, the second generation Nook, no light with the little touch screen on the bottom. I cannot figure it out and it's driving me nuts!!! Anyone have ANY ideas!?!!?!