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    Nook Color Wi-Fi Suddenly Stopped Working

      I have had a Nook Color since April 2011. I have successfully used our home Wi-Fi setup in all of that time. Today, suddenly, I can't get it to connect. I have chosen to "Forget" it and have re-entered the WAP number or whatever it is (10 hexadecimal characters). I have recycled the Nook a couple of times.


      I have an Android-based cell phone (Samsung 2) on which the Wi-Fi is working fine, and other connections in this household also work properly. (I'm typing this on my desktop computer, which is on a wired connection.)


      I'm getting a message in the notifications area (brought to my attention by "!") which says, "Wi-Fi issue / Cannot connect to Access Point". When I press on it, I get:


      Important Message


      You may be having Wi-Fi connection issues due to MAC filtering.


      Please try:


      1. Turning off MAC filtering (on your router or access point).


      2. Entering/adding your MAC device address to the MAC filter list for your router or access point.


      *** end of what's displayed ***


      The more technically-inclined member of this household has told me that MAC filtering is off. I do know where to find the MAC device address on my Nook. I told him what it is, and he says that it's not listed on the MAC filter list. But apparently, in order to get it onto the MAC filter list, I have to connect, which I can't do!


      Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance.


      I know that I am a beggar who cannot be a chooser, but I have found that the most helpful answers I've gotten in various forums over the years fit the following characteristics:


      1. Typed in proper mixed case, with reasonably correct punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.


      2. No emoticons.


      3. Various abbreviations spelled out.

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          If you're able to access your Nook Colors Settings, you can find the MAC address.  I believe it's on the second page of Settings.  Though it's been awhile since I used a Nook Color.


          If you are looking at a registration screen, I believe you can skip that, though that may have changed in an update.  If you are unable to get to the settings page without registering, I would suggest taking the Nook to a place which provides free WiFi. 


          Once you have the MAC address you can have the technically inclined household member add it to the routers MAC filter list. 


          You may want to test the Nook Color on an open WiFi connection, just to ensure that the WiFi is indeed still working.  I've yet to see a Nook Color that had broken WiFi, but as with everything there is always a first time.



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            Any router with MAC filtering has a way to edit the list (warning: my routers default to BLOCK specified MAC entries, I have to make sure I set it to ALLOW only specified).


            WEP using only 40 bits of key? That's rather weak security (I used to run 104 bits -- 26 hex) before changing over to WPA2 Personal -- mainly as I'm not using the older WEP-only devices.

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              Thanks to everyone for your help. Just as suddenly as the problem appeared, it went away. The most recent reply suggested rebooting the router. It turns out that the technically-inclined person in this household had already thought of that, but it didn't work at first.


              I think that there was just slow response from the router, and the Nook may have timed out.