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    Nook HD not recognized on laptop...I have tried NUMEROUS things to fix...

      I have looked through these forums but nothing spoken of has assisted me. My problem is that my computer isn't recognizing my device. The exact wording is "USB Device Not Recognized" and then the wording that follows is the basic "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has nonfunctional and Windows does not recognize it...." etc etc. I have seen where others have had this issue but you can see from what follows that none of it has worked for me (and yes, other devices that are plugged in to said USB ports work):


      • I have rebooted my laptop many times (both with the device plugged in and not plugged in...both with the device turned on and not turned on).
      • I haverebootedmyNookHDmanytimes (andinfact, areplacementwassenttomebecauseofotherissuesandthisone/cabledoesthesamething).
      • I removed my USB ports and allowed my pc to reinstall them.
      • I even did a system restore back to when the USB's were working...no such luck. 

      Two USB ports (on the right side of my laptop) give me the error I stated. The one on the left of my laptop doesn't do anything...no error, my Nook HD doesn't show up in my devices under Computer. Nothing. I'm an Info Tech major so I get computers. However, nothing has worked and I'm getting really upset that, after paying so much for this Nook HD, I have to go through the tedious trouble of putting my books on a SD card (which I first have to insert in to a larger one so it fits in my laptop and isn't too small), then take it out, put it in my Nook HD and hope that I transferred over everything I wanted because if not, I have to do it again. I'm sick of it. I've called and someone named "Chad" who barely spoke English, assisted me and yeah, that went just great....not so much. 


      HELP ME. And please, actually READ the things I wrote. Don't just read my subject line. The email I sent asking for help came back with them telling me to reboot my pc. I pretty much wanted to punch them and I can only wish there was an app for THAT. 


      Thank you to anyone who actually wants to HELP me. Truly...thank you!!!




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