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    Do You Take Advantage Of Your Local Library?


      I wonder how many know it's not necessary to pay for ebooks as there's a huge inventory available at your local library.


      Certainly, some of the very newest published books might not be immediately available and if you MUST read it now, yes you'll have to pay for it, but with a bit of patience it will show up at the library - ready for your Nook at no charge.


      Or, is this bit of information old news to all here?


      I mention this is as I've met more than one person who not only wasn't aware of this fact, but didn't know the same holds true for audio books too and until I told them about it, they'd been buying all their audio books - the same audio book available at no cost at their local library...



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          Also, if you library doesn't have a good selection, you can join the Free Library of Pennsylvania (it's free for PAers, a small fee for the rest of us).



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            I love using my NC Digital Library! It's saved me tons of money, and I've read all the latest books. I tell my friends about it and they've never heard of it, or feel it's too complicated to use - it's truly NOT! Great reminder to everyone... I always check before I buy here - why pay if you can rent! Rarely do I read a book more than once!

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              No, for a couple of reasons:  1.  Our local library has a pitiful collection.  2.  Our bus system is terrible and makes it difficult to get to the library.  and 3.  I have difficulty reading regular print and the large print section is very small-mostly romance books (yuck).  Some people seem to not understand that many people buy ereaders NOT because they're convienent, but because they can enlarge the print of any book to make it easier to read.  Large print books are even more expensive than ebooks (and the selection is limited) and magnifiers are not covered by insurance and are also expensive (decent ones start at $40).  While we can get ebooks from the library, but again the local library's selection is pitiful and because of limited sight, I often cannot finish a book before the lending period ends.

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                  Irishelf wrote:

                  ... and magnifiers are not covered by insurance and are also expensive (decent ones start at $40).  

                  Last time I checked, the $79 NST was more expensive than $40.



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                      I have been using the library for a couple of years now to rent ebooks.  I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the face that less and less of my authors' books are available through libraries...I follow a couple of groups online and get book reccomendations from there, and more often lately those books are not available through libraries. 

                      Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get recomendations of books available at the library in the e-book format?




                      P.S.  I could never afford to buy all the books I read.

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                    Funny you should ask this question. I am a heavy user of our library. I use both their own collection and inter-library loan. I've used their e-book selection off and on. Luckily, our library has combined with several others in our region to offer a wide selection of e-books. I also am lucky enough to have a library card from another system where I spend my summers and can access their selection of e-books as well. Whenever I become interested in a new title my first stop is the online library access. I am sorry for others who aren't as fortunate as I am and don't have a good library system. I have moved often throughout my life and one of the first stops I make is to the local library. I fervently hope that these great institutions of learning and democracy will always have open doors to inspiration of the mind and soul.

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                      In my experience with 2 different library systems the selection is limited, the waiting list is unpredictable. Once book(s) become available you have to get it within a short window before it becomes unavailable. Then if you do download you only have 2 weeks to read the book. For extended time you have to get back in the queue list. I like the option of reading the books I want, when I want seeming as though I have a family and various other responsibilities. I prefer to buy my books but I tend to check for specials on e books religiously. Not to mention I like to reread or refer back to my books. Disappointed with my two different library systems experiences thus far.
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                        I'm an avid borrower of library ebooks (and a frequent reader-researcher of online library periodicals). I love having instantaneous, virtually effortless, 24/7 access to almost any book or journal I want to read, not having to carry physical materials around, and not having to worry about late fees. Moreover, by using the OverDrive app, if I don't finish a library book before it expires, I can pick up where I left off when I check out the book again, even from a different library system. I belong to multiple library systems (in the counties where I live work and through universities I'm affiliated with). Fortunately, my public libraries have fantastic selections and 2-3 week lending periods, and my universities lend for up to one semester.
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                            By the way, my libraries also offer free music downloads (such as Freegal), and I still visit physical library branches periodically ('though less frequently than before getting my Nook). I know some libraries are concerned about their ongoing viability in an increasingly digital age, but in my estimation, those in my area have kept up with the times and remain vital community resources. I visit local ranches to participate in events; to borrow DVDs, museum tickets, or books that aren't available online; to get advice from librarians; to access onsite-only resources necessary for various research or media projects; to try out new ereading technologies; or to work in a quiet place that's not overly solitary.
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                            I have heard about borrowing ebooks from my local library, but I don't know how... I wish to know. My kids, each have a nook tablet and they love to read, books can be expensive. Please let me know how I can get access. I do have a library card from my local library
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                              Actually with the rising price of ebooks, I've been keeping my wish list and checking out DTBs from my library. Kids enjoy going too.