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    Scammers and Bottom Feeders: NOOKBooks Open for Business

      I am shocked that B&N lets this by:




      Basically anyone can do this to make money with no effort: go to http://www.gutenberg.org, download anything you can think of, then sell them on NOOKBooks. You will make some sales, because when you sort by release date your books come up first.


      So "qasim idrees" is now able to put up out-of-copyright books downloaded for free from elsewhere and B&N is happy to direct customers to him. (For legal purposes I do not claim qasim is a scammer, I am merely pointing out that if he can publish anything he wants to download for free from other sources, then anyone, including scammers, can take advantage of the same lack of standards at this site.)


      Proof that: a) B&N has NO STANDARDS, b) B&N does not care about its customers, c) NOOKBooks is a scammers paradise, and d) the door is wide open to bottom feeders.


      B&N: have some self-respect and a minimum of standards and don't let my time on your site be wasted by this rubbish. Help me find good books, I already know where to get free out of copyright books.


      P.S.: qasim's ISBN numbers are fake.