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    Copy and Paste in Browser?

      I love my Nook Tablet and am glad to to have the power increase over my previous Nook Color. One thing bugs me about the web browser though. How do you copy and paste text in the browser? I was pretty sure that on my Color, all you had to do was hold your finger on a word or line of text and it would copy to the clipboard. However, for some reason I cannot figure out how to do it on here.


      Copy and paste functionality is important for me when I'm browsing. A lot of message boards that I frequent don't allow for hyperlink functionality, so when users want to post links to pictures or youtube videos, the link appears as plain text and it is necessary to copy and paste the link into the url or the browser. But without being able to copy and paste on the Nook Tablet, I have to try and remember that long string of characters in the link and manually type it into the url. What am I missing? How do you copy and paste?

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          I just tried the web browser on my Nook Color to compare the two. Oddly enough, I can't copy and paste on its web browser either! I'm positive that I could do it before. Was it removed in a recent update? Are there any plans to restore the copy and paste feature to us Nook Color and Nook Tablet users? It's a pretty standard browser feature and a very strange one to remove without notice.