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    Can I NOT Read a Magazine on "Nook For PC" or "Nookstudy?"

      I'm in the second week of a trial subscription to the New Yorker, and I notice that I cannot read it on either of the Nook PC Apps, as I can with books. This doesn't make sense to me, so I'm wondering if


      a) This is because I'm still in a trial period?

      b) There is something wrong with the registration on my two PC apps? I think that's unlikely because books are working just fine. I can read any book I download from B&N on either the Nook or one of the PC Nook apps with no problem.

      c) Those are just the rules. If so, I haven't been able to find a thing on the B&N site so far to tell me that an emagazine is retricted to a single device/app.


      Can anyone help me with this?

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          Guess the answer on this is no> You'd think someone from B&N would be checking out a question like this under a newsstand topic. I'm ready to buy a sub or two, but not if I can only read them on a single device.

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            Can you give us more specifics on exactly what the issue is that you are experiencing when you state that you cannot read it on both the NOOK for PC App and NOOKstudy App?


            Are you receiving an error message? 

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                Some specifics follow, but an answer to the basic question doesn't require them, so let me rephrase it: Do magazine subscriptions follow the same rules as nookbooks? I.e., can I download and read a sub on more than one device in the same fashion as with a book? If so, do trial subscriptions also follow those rules?



                This was prompted by a trial subscription to the New Yorker. I've not subscribed to an emagazine on the Nook before, so this is a test to see whether it is worth it.


                When I set up the trial, I immediately got the first issue on the Nook, downloaded it, and began reading it. When I opened up Nookstudy (my favorite PC reader), that issue shows up in the library. If I click on it, the page that comes up says:


                [Sorry, we are unable to open this book.


                This file type is not supported in this application (2082)


                If you believe you've received this message in error, contact Customer Service at 1-800-the-book]


                The file type is epub like everything else in my Nook B&N downloads folder, so something else must be going on. I also notice in My Library online that the New Yorker does not have a download button beside it, like the books, indicating that my problem likely isn't because of a registration issue, but a difference between magazines and books. I suppose I could just go ahead and let the paid sub start, see what happens, and then ask, but I thought I'd give it a go now.

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                  I think this is the best thread to ask so here goes.....  It's basically the same question as the original post. I'm also wondering when the emagazines will be available on more than just the nookcolor?  When I look at my favorite magazines (whole living, martha stewart living, shape, etc) I see the compatible app is always listed as nookcolor. I don't understand why we can't view them on the nook for PC or on of the other apps.


                  Is there a timeline for when the magazines would be available on the other apps? Is this even in consideration? If not, I'd like to know that too. I'm teetering on either waiting for BN to make them available or going over to Zinio so I can enjoy them now. 


                  Thanks for any information you can share. 

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                  If anyone comes to this chat late as I did, please note that also purchased a magazine from B/N to read on the Nook for PC and am getting the same error message. I have been unable to open or read the magazine.

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                      The answer I got back from support was that unless it says it is compatible with Nook for PC or Nook for Mac, it cannot be read on those devices. I cancelled my subscriptions because some of the articles or recipes I liked could not be printed. If I had the printed version of the magazine, I could keep just those articles and recipes. They said it would be a copyright violation to allow it to be printed. However, if you subscribe online to the direct site for the magazine, you can print so I don't get it. I am still paying for the magazine subscription and should be able to save something in hard copy form. Therefore, I will buy the print version from the grocery store when I buy my groceries so that I can save what I like in my files. 

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                      I wasn't able to read it on the website, thought I should be able to. On my laptop (windows 8) I downloaded the Nook app and it reads beautifully. I did have to click on it and wait (forever) for it to download. I have pretty slow internet though! So happy. Now it's huge and I can even read Consumer reports magazine easily!

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                          I agree - using the Nook Metro App (Windows 8 Start Window app), I can read the 2 subscriptions I ordered (Rolling Stone & Consumer Reports), but on Nook for PC, the cover is B&W, and once I click Next to go past the Table of Contents on the magazine, I get


                          "We are sorry, but this Barnses & Noble application has encountered a problem and it needs to close (code 012).  Would you like to restart the applicaiton now"