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    Nook won't show my books on  it

      Have had this nook for two months. Been working fine until today when I open my book, the screen is blank. I get nothing. None of my books in my library will show on my nook. The screen works fine otherwise. Any advise would be helpful. Thank you.

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          I am having the same problem. Anyone have a solution yet?
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            I don't know what is exactly happening but there are some steps to try when "hinky" things happen.


            First step is to archive and unarchive the book causing the problem, this requires that you have a WIFI connection to communicate back to B&N so that when you unarchive the book it can re-download.


            Second step would be to "re-boot" your NC.  Turn it completely off, hold the power button until "power off" shows on the screen and touch that or just hold the botton until the NC is completely off.  Wait a tad then re-power on.  As with all computers the NC needs to be re-booted occasionally to clear out the bits and pieces that are clogging up the memory.


            Sometimes you will have to archive your book, turn the NC completely off and back on, then unarchive your book.


            Hopefully someone else will come along with other suggestions if this doesn't work for you. Good luck!

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              Just started having the same  problems. What i did to fix it was, Shut ur Nook off completely, dont just put it into sleep shut the whole thing down and restart. I did this and mine came back.