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    Shelves and large libraries (and a glitch)

      Having switched from a NOOK 1st edition (poor thing pooped out) to a Simple Touch I am finding the ST interface a bit wieldly when re-doing my shelves or adding books to my shelves.  With nearly 300 books in my NOOK library, it's a huge list to scroll through for each and every shelf with no way to jump to a title.


      I was looking for a function much like the tap-and-hold on the NC and NT (I'm a bookseller, so I'm pretty well-versed with those) to bring up a list of options.  While the double-tap on a title in the ST library brings up a menu my only options are download/read, LendMe, Overview, Customer Reviews, etc. - no way of putting a book on a shelf from that menu.  I've done a lot of searching for short-cuts but can't find one that allows me to place a book on a shelf from the details screen.  I think a function similar to that on the NC/NT would be very useful especially for us with large libraries (if this does exist and, for whatever reason, I keep missing it, please let me know :smileyhappy: )


      I also have to point out a sorting glitch that didn't exist on my 1st edition.  When sorting by author, first authors are sometimes placed secondary to the editor.  For example, the B&N Classics edition of Pride and Prejudice is listed under Carol Howard, not Austen, and Moby Dick is listed under Carl Hovde, not Melville.  When sorting by title, the sort uses articles like a, an, and the making all titles starting with "the" show up in a big group near the end of the list.  The sort on my 1st edition never had these issues so I'm not sure if the hitch is in the ebook file or in the software.


      Thanks! :smileyhappy: